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  The sun’s rising. It is not yet visible, but its forerunners radiate the clouds in surreal colours. It is still early and the city is not yet awake. Some…


  Transformation is a quality that is inherent in every one of us. We are constantly changing – consciously or unconsciously. The Transformer symbolizes the possibilities of change between often…
forrest flow soulartist kunst

Forrest flow

  A summer shower is over. The sun has not yet made its way through the clouds. The forest breathes deeply and absorbs the dampness. No people, no breeze, everything…

The Seal

  Mystics, prophets, gurus and yogis often speak of the 3rd eye that opens between our eyebrows when we go deep inside and find ourselves. The 3rd eye is indeed…

Magic Mountain II

  This outstanding work from the „Magic“ series combines surrealistic elements with impressionistic and expressionistic accents of landscape painting. It is a mountain, as it has revealed itself to me…

The calm

  The silence of the water fascinates me and became the inspiration for this artwork. This calming sea under the evening sky was created in many hours with countless fine…

Coastal Dream

  A stretch of coast that invites you to dream. The storm is already over, the dark clouds are still there, but on the horizon the cloud cover is already…

Silver lining

  This emotional work was created during a meeting with Andreas Calviez, known for his water and cloud paintings. Inspired by Andreas‘ technique, this work was created with many fine…
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  It all starts at the core! This work is inspired by our innermost core. There is always a fireworks inside of us – emotions, thoughts, impressions and memories –…