Inner landscape (India)


When we start our inner journey, we begin to discover the „INNER LANDSCAPE“. It looks like a patchwork carpet, almost a bit like India, with all its different colours and terrain lines – a variety of different facets emerge. A wild mixture that appears like a colourful dance. A play of shadow & light. The black coat conceals hitherto undiscovered colours and shapes. At first they seem a bit strange, but on closer inspection they fit perfectly into the overall picture. Borders become blurred. Small secluded paths lead through gorges and valleys that appear to be bent and eventually lead into the white nothingness. They merge, fade and disappear from the surface.

The deep ocean meets land and floods it in some places. On the surface there is a dynamic bustle, but the deep blue in some places suggests a stillness deep inside. The white space suggests the infinite vastness of the „INNER LANDSCAPE“, which knows no boundaries.

The mind, abstractly indicated as a head, is only vaguely connected to the body. The dark expression clarifies the dissatisfaction that emanates from the mind. He always has the claim to „go further“ and to want „more“. He does not know satisfaction, at least only for a short time. He tries to cover his body up, to hide unconscious things under his coat. He does not want the bright colours to come to light, because he is afraid of losing control – his right to exist. He seems to know where to go. He indicates the direction by means of his face like an arrow. In this way he suggests a certain false security in a boundless space. For fear of losing himself in it, he sets his own limits by fixing himself on one direction. He cannot comprehend, feel and experience the boundless vastness.

  • Combination of acrylic painting & chalk on canvas
  • Size: 100 x 120 x 4,5 cm
  • SOLD