Surfing on the waves of the inner sea


On the inner sea, highs and lows alternate constantly. Sometimes we surf high up on the top of the waves, then we find ourselves in a wave valley. Every high is followed by a low and every low is followed by a high … Connected with it we feel different feelings and emotions. These are always there. Often, however, we are not aware of them. We react out of affect. In retrospect we regret some affect-driven actions.

When we begin to become aware of the waves of the inner sea, we recognize that every wave comes and goes. The ocean is always clear in the depths and remains untouched. At first, the blue, clear silence of the ocean can only be guessed at individual points. However, the more conscious we become, the more present they become even in stormy weather and correspondingly turbulent waves. We learn to take advantage of the ups and downs, to ride them – to surf – and to be aware in the valley that the crown will follow. We surf on the inner sea without being too much identified with it. With a little distance we can enjoy the wave slope without holding on to it. We act instead of reacting. Our action is not affect- or fear-driven, but intrinsically motivated.

The artwork „SURFING ON THE WAVES OF THE INNER SEA“ reminds us that we can surf the waves of the inner sea – enjoy them – without being identified with them. The waves of the inner sea are reflected in the outer world. Often we tend to attribute a certain heaviness to life – to see life as a heavy burden. This work of art makes us feel a light, playful life – the life of a surfer. He loves the risk & enjoys the ride. The risk makes him really alive. He is totally in the moment, in the flow. He accepts life as it is with all its ups and downs. He surfs on the wave and uses its power.

  • Combination of acrylic painting & chalk on canvas
  • Size: 100 x 100 cm