Treading new paths II


It takes courage to break out of old habits and behavior patterns. New paths are created by walking them.

Under the veil of mist, the old path patterns and the nature of the environment are still vaguely recognizable. On the surface, new paths open up. It is uncertain where they lead. However, the radiant, luminous colours make a certain joy to be felt. The goal is uncertain, not visible in the confusion of the paths. Old, confused structures dissolve slowly. New paths become clearer and more explicit. The step into the new, unknown is initially connected with chaos. It requires courage to take this step, because it is more comfortable and easy to continue walking in familiar patterns. Everything seems to be in order, but beneath the surface dark patches can be guessed. When we recognize them, admit to ourselves that they are there, integrate them, look deeper into ourselves through the wall of mist and allow ourselves to be open to new opportunities that life offers us, we can enjoy rediscovering life. We enjoy going the new way and let ourselves be surprised by what we encounter on it.

  • Acrylic painting & graffiti on canvas
  • Size: 120 x 100 x 4,5 cm