When we begin to look inside, we encounter an overwhelming number of thoughts – thoughts around thoughts that seem to turn in loops. With some distance to our own thoughts we can observe them and realize that they are nothing more than Gibberish. Even if we are not aware of it at all, they run continuously in the background. Even if we are about to relax, to switch off we cannot turn them off, but are plagued by seemingly even more thoughts. So how do we find a way out of the stream of thoughts?

If we continue to observe them, more and more gaps arise and we can suddenly perceive feelings & emotions that are hidden behind the thoughts. Warm, intense feelings that emanate from the heart can be recognized and felt behind the gibberish of the constant stream of thoughts. A whole new world opens up. We become more sensitive and receptive. We perceive life with a completely new sensory system.

We are not our thoughts. The more the ability of observation and thus the distance to ourselves and our own ego becomes, the more freedom arises and we can guess more and more who we really are, what is hidden deeper in us.

  • Acrylic painting & Edding on canvas
  • Size: 100 x 100 cm
  • SOLD