A diptych


What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here?


When we start asking ourselves these questions, the most exciting journey begins – the journey within ourselves. We begin to discover the facet of our ego – our personality. But who is hiding behind the trained behavioural patterns and conditioning of our society? Who am I?


Life is a mystery with all its different facets, which become visible in the most different forms & colours. A wild dance, which is in constant change. It cannot be captured in fixed categories. Out of the flow new forms, colours, new ways emerge by walking them. Life is unpredictable. Venture the leap into the unknown. Let go & let yourself drift in the stream of life. Feel the different colours and forms in their uniqueness. Each is a work of art in itself, but together we create an even larger, more complete work of art. Initially contradictory appearances unite in an overall picture.


  • Combination of graffiti and acrylic painting on canvas
  • Size: 2 artworks, each 50 x 60 cm