The city of the future


Their boundless vastness creates a connection between the earth and the sky. The boundaries are fluid and blurred. It gives insights into a colourful hustle and bustle, which is filled with a life-affirming energy. The elements are united and flow playfully into each other. A perfect interplay of abstract elements, surfaces and clear structures. The female and male energy are united. A balance is created. The outer appearance is a mirror image of the inner.


This picture was inspired by the story of Paul Amadeus Dienach „Chronicles of the future“ (edited by Achilleas Sirigos). Feel the spirit of Norfor – the city of the future. In his „memoirs“ Dienach reports on a time travel of consciousness. According to it he spent an exact year in the body of another man in the year 3906 a.d., while his own body lay in a coma. In his diary he speaks again and again about the future mega-city of Norfor. A centre of the economy and progress of the future earth. The megacity fascinates not only with its huge buildings, but is also in harmony with the environment, which runs like a network through the city. The small marina creates dimension and invites to linger in the bay of Norfor. 


  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Size: 80 x 80 cm
  • SOLD