About us


We are Kali & Atman.
In an innovative way we combine meditation with artistic expression. Our passion is to express our creativity in works of art.
Our works spring from our deepest source and are an expression of our soul.

SoulArtist Julia Merkt

Abstract artworks

Kali (Julia) creates abstract.

Soulartist Michael Lubomirski


Atman (Michael) loves surrealism.



We have found the access to our creativity and the possibility to express it through meditation. Meditation opens many doors and accesses within us. By shifting the perspective inwards, we can recognize our own potential & discover and develop the abilities within us.


Creativity is our nature

Through our work as meditation facilitators at SoulMastery we have accompanied many people in this process to find this approach themselves and to express themselves creatively. We are convinced that everyone is creative. Everyone has this quality within them, which makes itself visible in its uniqueness.



We are happy to open up a framework for you in which you can discover your own creativity. It is not about imitating something, but to let your unique and individual form of expression come to the surface. Painting is meditation for us. Visit us on soulmastery.de to learn more about our workshops or just write us a message.

SoulArtist Julia Merkt

Your personal artwork

Kali has the special ability to perceive the energy of other people and to express it visibly on the canvas. She is open and receptive & feels your energy through her heart. In a common process your personal work of art will be created through her. A very deep and inspiring process that can open up new perspectives for you.

Soulartist Michael Lubomirski

Work on order

Would you like to decorate your office, home or special location with works of art? Do you have a precise idea regarding the motif or an idea regarding the colour concept?

Atman will be happy to assist you with the artistic realization of your idea. His special ability is to perceive structures and motifs in great detail & to depict the form, as well as the associated inner feeling surrealistically on the canvas.

Our works are created from the energy flow of the moment

Led by the heart we let the existence speak through us in the respective moment. We become completely receptive and let ourselves be guided freely by the flow of the moment. The result is a powerful work of art that captures the energy of this moment and lets the viewer participate in this flow of energy. The exhibition space is filled by our works with a special energy & liveliness. Only the viewer completes the work of art by perceiving the resonance in his body while viewing the work of art. Previously unconscious things, feelings and emotions can come to the surface in the realm of the visible. Energy is released. Meditation can be experienced through our works of art.