The Seal


Mystics, prophets, gurus and yogis often speak of the 3rd eye that opens between our eyebrows when we go deep inside and find ourselves. The 3rd eye is indeed not only a mystical element, but is associated by science with our pineal gland, which is crucial for the hormonal balance of our being and is associated with the production of the body’s own DMT.

In meditation we can feel and open the 3rd eye. It is not opening as it happens with the physical eyes. It is much more an explosion of feelings and sensations. Sometimes it feels like a bridge between the heart and the brain. Once this “seal” opens, nothing remains as it is. The world view changes, a feeling of ecstasy and bliss sets in. While the ancient philosopher breaks up this seal, a seal joins him and enjoys the unity of man with being, with existence. For the seal, like every animal, has long been there – in the unity with existence. It stretches towards the sun and enjoys the fireworks. It is only us humans who alienate ourselves from existence through the ego. With the breaking of the seal, with the opening of the 3rd eye, the two beings enjoy the sensational explosion of emotions.

  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Size: 120 x 100 cm

the seal, soulartist, kunst, art, acryl, modernart

the seal, soulartist, kunst, art, acryl, modernart