Urban heart


Urbanisation is in full swing. Buildings and roads are conquering the landscape. Nature is being pushed back. Under the guise of functionality and practicality, the living space of more and more people is darkening as they crowd into the urban centres in search of money, work and happiness.

This emotional work expresses precisely this eclipse. But where there is shadow, there is light. Up between the skyscrapers, we can still see the blue sky, clouds. Next to it, we can still see vital tree structures that are holding on bravely. They are connected to the hearts of the people by their pink. This pink heart, which beats in the middle of this expression. The heart is already partly hardened, encrusted with mind structures, which hinder the heart’s access to the sky and to nature. People see the clouds, the sky, the trees – but they do not really look. Too busy you are walking – this hustle and bustle is still easy to see in Behind the Black.

And there…in the middle of the composition the darkness tears open, like a pavement which is not yet completely off. A light stripe shows our true nature. Underneath the darkness of greed, envy and power, love, compassion and light are also hidden in urban chaos. Hope germinates under the urban heart.

  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • 80 x 100 x 4 cm