The Genesis


“The Genesis“ is part of the “New Worlds“ collection.

A colourful hustle and bustle. Colours come to light and bring liveliness and expressiveness into the world. Much is in motion. This is how new things can be created. Life is constantly changing. Where change takes place there is life. New, powerful colours are added. Life shows its different facets. We can experience them, feel and experience life. A hint of yellow, which lets the sun on the horizon suspect. A powerful red, which brings energy-loaded movement into the whole creation. Black gives the whole a certain depth. A radiant blue that invites you to swim in the stream of life.


  • A combination of acrylic painting & graffiti on canvas
  • Size: 30 x 40 cm


Bild Malerei Kunstwerk SoulArtist Julia Merkt Neue Welten